Reborn Again : The Sequel pt.2

So…I suppose it’s time to clear things up. My name is Antonio Sanchez and I am an operating partner or own “Monster House”. Previously Monster house has existed as many things, most recently as a hybrid art gallery/gym. I was strategically partnered with Emily Jane of via my management ( NAGA )  and was ready to go. After numerous legal issues with landlords and an ungodly amount of money lost, the dust has settled.

I am raising a ninja army in the heart of Chicago at the Reach Fieldhouse. This state of the art facility allows me to not have to worry about maintaining a storefront and focus on training clients and myself. While still actively pursuing my world title aspiration I am also coaching the next generation of great athletes and healthy individuals in Chicago. In its current iteration Monster House will operate out of the Reach Fieldhouse in Chicago and a second invitation only location in Phoenix,Arizona opening within the next 60 days.

To be fair Monster House is all about not being a bitch and training as hard and smart as you possibly can without turning into a crossfit-preaching moron. 

Come try it out. 

CALL US to change your f*cking life.

(prep-jot-wan) or 773-756-8926.

Sorry our phone number doesn’t spell anything fancy. Oh well…PREP JOT WAN! Who the f*ck knows!